Author Topic: ride height vs. rear camber....& main axle mount?  (Read 2204 times)


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ride height vs. rear camber....& main axle mount?
« on: July 21, 2023, 22:14:08 »
Eibach and others market spring sets to lower 113s by 40 & 50mms. This reduces rear camber as a direct and unavoidable byproduct....but by how much?  Several of our fellows have encountered this during their pursuit of better handling thru suspension tweaks.  I'm looking for some basic "If, Then" info here, very preferably expressed in numbers, and am puzzled and frustrated at my inability to find any in all of this richness of Pagoda experience.

[I'm not finding any numbers on that in all the words written over the last decade or so on this relationship, in Forum or TM, possibly just because it's me doing the looking - - my wife, Jane, would heartily concur; she's a champion finder, I am not.]

Also, it seems to me that raising the upper/central rear axle mount might be the only way to gain back any needed rear camber without working against the lowering. Is that sound thinking?  Any experience -- & numbers -- on that one? [Seems I might've seem something on this -- like 'moving that mount up 1/4" should give you about a degree of camber' -- in years past but can't find it now.]

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