Author Topic: Radio Becker Europa TG - Slim Face - for 230SL/250SL  (Read 183 times)


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Radio Becker Europa TG - Slim Face - for 230SL/250SL
« on: April 25, 2021, 14:12:38 »
For sale a refurbished Radio Becker Europa LMU Mono for vehicles with 1 single speaker. This was top of the line in early 1960. It was installed in European vehicles like Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen plus Italian and British brands.

This fits the narrow / slim dash - 44mm - opening in Mercedes 230SL and some 250SL's

This particular radio comes with original selling documentation, including the warranty card; all matching the serial number. Collector's dream!

This particular one was refurbished as follows:

     Bulb replaced
     Electrolytic Capacitors replaced
     Mechanisms adjusted and Oiled
     Potentiometer cleaned
     Contacts cleaned
     Interior cleaned


     Radio functions as it should on AM and FM
     Beautiful sound


    All parts are original Becker
    New dial face - reproduction
Knobs - new / reproductions

Included in the sale:

     Radio Europa LMU on vacuum tubes + transistors
     Install kit: 3 ft or brown (GND) wire / 6ft of red (+) wire + inline Fuse, 2 ring lugs for GND + output speaker plug
     Original Becker selling/advertising material as pictured

Price - Non- negociable . PayPal
$700 - incl shipping USA
$750 - incl shipping international, outside USA

Send PM if interested

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