Author Topic: Urethane suspension bushings - NOW READY!  (Read 10177 times)


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Re: Urethane suspension bushings - NOW READY!
« Reply #50 on: June 07, 2023, 16:26:18 »
Thanks for the feedback! I have not done the rear sway bar on the W109, so good to hear it worked. The front sway bar benefits are well known.

Installing the bushings for the axle trailing arms for the W109 are not too bad. In fact, the rear trailing arm urethane bushing is a different design from the factory. It is a urethane Heim joint design and far superior.

If you need more bushing lubricant, you can get it many places. It is Prothane Super Grease and is Teflon based. It is imperative you use this type of lubricant for the bushings. Mineral based grease will degrade the urethane slowly over time. This is a fantastic lubricant and what I use. It is just more economical for me to buy in bulk and repackage. No secrets here.

On all models, the sway bar is a quick way to improve the handling and a great place to start.

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