Author Topic: Steering column switch plug wiring 1972 280SE 3.5  (Read 3564 times)

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Steering column switch plug wiring 1972 280SE 3.5
« on: July 04, 2017, 05:47:27 »
Hi, I have remmoved my steering column switch to repair the LH indicator mechanism which wouldn't stay up. In removing the steering column switch it is necessary to open the 14 pin plug, under the dash, and remove the wires and pins, to get the wiring loom up through the steering column outer sleeve.

After opening the plug up I took photos to mark where each coloured wire/pin went and carried on with the job.  Alas when I downloaded the photos they were blurred because I held the camera in one hand and the plug in the other. I had a copy of the lacing for this plug/socket out of the BBB 54-1/10 so didn't worry about it too much,  however I have discovered that, although the wiring on my car is original, the arrangment on my plug is not the same as the BBB and so I am stuck.

Has anyone got a drawing or schematic that is different to the BBB 54-1/10 please?  I think it only the last 4 wire/pin layout that are different on the end farthest away from where all the wires enter the plug.  i can see, from the photos that one wire at that very end is black with blue/violet coding and the other is black with green violet coding

1969 280 SL Manual gear shift
1972 280SE 3.5 auto