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Title: For Sale: Designer Tool Bag & Aux Tool Bag
Post by: mrfatboy on November 08, 2019, 18:32:17
For the Pagoda owner that has everything.

These are designer matching main tool bag and auxillary tool bag prototypes that my wife made for her awesome official reproductions sold at PagodaFest.

They are made of 100% real genuine guarenteed authentic simulated aligator (or other reptile) vinyl.  I can certainly guarentee you that these are the only ones in the world.🤣

But seriously, these tool bags were made from the exact specifications of the original tools bags.👍
- DOT 17mm Snaps
- Exact stitching per inch as original
- Same cutting and sewing technique

Why would you want these?
   - No one else has them.
   - Christmas is coming.
   - Nothing left to buy for you Pagoda.
   - Tired of discussing that correct decals on your car and you need to have something else to talk about with your Pagoda friends.
   - They match your wife's purse?
   - Mess with concourse judges. Convince them that these were made as a special high end option subbed out by MB to an Italian designer in the 60's.  I will even make up a code for your data card for you.🤪

A steal at $80 + shipping (worldwide) The first PM and payment gets the pair.

The money will go to charity.  The Mr. & Mrs Fatboy's Pagoda Restoration Fund.🤣

Title: Re: For Sale: Designer Tool Bag & Aux Tool Bag
Post by: mmizesko on November 08, 2019, 21:11:40
Nice idea.  Puts my Ostrich Skin original to shame.