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Title: What if you miss issues of Pagoda World...
Post by: Rolf-Dieter on June 29, 2018, 20:01:06
Dear All,

I’ve now had several inquiries from Full Members like;

“Why am I missing Pagoda World issues?” Or “I’ve not got all the Pagoda World Issues”

I’ve made an effort to check into this and found that those Members let there membership expire and only re-joined several months later as Full Members.

I know this has been said before, however some Members might not be aware of it and it is worthwhile to mention it again. There are two items we all need to know, it is even more important now since our Pagoda World issue is published two times a year (spring and fall). Those two items are;

1) Make sure your Membership Profile is up to date, both your e-mail and address must be up to date. Our site automatically forwards a friendly reminder that your membership is due. If you changed your e-mail then you might miss this friendly reminder.

2)   Our Printer that handles the publication of our Pagoda World issue in the spring and fall also has access to our Full Member mailing list and posts out all Pagoda World Issues once they are printed. If your membership expired then your address is automatically removed from the Pagoda World address list.

You have access to your Profile should you need to make a change;-

 by clicking on “Profile” ——> “Modify Profile” and/or ——> “Membership” it gives you access to change your e-mail and or address.

So you see if the timeframe of an expiry date and a re-join date coincides with the time frame of the shipping date for the spring or fall Pagoda World publication and shipping date chances are that a member having let his/her membership expire would then not receive his-rightfully Pagoda World issue.

99% of our Members do not have this problem, I just don’t like the remaining 1% without our renown Pagoda World issue. ;)

This is why I am posting this post and will refer any future inquiries on this subject to this post here.

Have a nice Summer everyone,


Rolf-Dieter Solga
Membership Director North America