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Title: 2nd International Pagoda Rally in Poland
Post by: Artur on March 19, 2018, 15:18:39
Dear Pagoda Friends!

Celebrating the birthday of our beloved car, we are pleased to invite you to the 2nd International Pagoda Rally. The event will take place in Lower Silesia on August 15-19, 2018,  located in the south-western part of Poland. We have prepared an attractive program for participants: drive through picturesque routes combined with visiting the castles and palaces of the region, The Lower Silesia Monument's Miniatures Park tour, as well as a visit to the construction site of the Mercedes-Benz factory completed with a visit to the Mercedes Museum in Jawor. The final moment of the Rally will be a visit to MotoClassic Wroclaw at the Topacz Castle, the largest outdoor event dedicated to classic motoring in Poland (compared by many to Schloss Dyck Classic Days in Germany).

Just like in the first edition, the honorary guests of the Rally will be Paul Bracq together with his wife Alice, who, as promised, donated one of his works to the charity auction, which will take place during the MotoClassic Wrocław Commander's Ball. The teams from both Poland and Europe will take a part like it was last year.

The cost of attending a two-person crew is 650 EUR and includes the cost of hotels, meals, sightseeing and participation in MotoClassic Wrocław with Commander's Ball. The teams in the Mercedes W113 Pagoda have priority to participate in the Rally. The number of crews is limited. The official registration of the participants will begin on April 14 and will last until May 15.

Hope to see you on the roads of Poland!
W113 Pagoda SL Club Poland.

PS. For those of you who have not attended last year's Rally:
Official Rally video:
Official MotoClassic Wroclaw video:
Impressions about the 1st edition of the Rally:
Title: Re: 2nd International Pagoda Rally in Poland
Post by: Peter van Es on March 20, 2018, 10:53:53

very nice and certainly a draw to have Paul Bracq attending. Regrettably I have a few car events already in August and September (including a serious 5 day car rally in August, and our own European Event in the south of France in September), so I won't be able to attend.

But I can recommend to any members that are unable to attend the European Event, or for whom there was regrettably no more room available, to join this excellent event!

I can also attest that the W113 Pagoda SL Club Poland has high standards of organization, food, and dare I say it, excellent taste in drinks. So with the locations they have selected it is worth travelling to attend this event!

Good luck in filling up your event quickly!

Peter van Es

Title: Re: 2nd International Pagoda Rally in Poland
Post by: Artur on March 20, 2018, 22:40:48
Dear Peter,

Thank you for compliments and recommendations. We always try to do our best!

To encourage potential participants, please find attached leaflet about the Rally incl. detailed program of the event.

Title: Re: 2nd International Pagoda Rally in Poland
Post by: Artur on April 10, 2018, 21:39:37
The registration procedure for the participants of the II International Pagoda Rally will begin on Saturday, April 14. The link to the application form will be published in the post on Friday evening.
The rule is simple: first come, first serve.  The cost of attending for a two-person crew is 2699 PLZ (approx. 650EUR, 790 USD). For detailed program see attached leaflet.

For those who like watching here is the video from the last year edition of the Rally:

On behalf of W113 Pagoda SL Club Poland, I invite you to participate in our event!

Title: Re: 2nd International Pagoda Rally in Poland
Post by: Artur on April 13, 2018, 22:01:21
Dear Pagoda Friends!

Due to our declarations I am pleased to announce that we have just started the registration procedure for our 2st International Pagoda Rally 2018.
Below you will find a link to the application form in English:

The registration process will last until May 15.  This is what you have to do:

1. Fill the application form
2. In response we will send you back a confirmation of your  application incl. terms of payment
3. Transfer the entry fee to the Club's account
4. We will send you confirmation of the payment and qualification.

Number of crews is limited to 25. The rule is: first come, first serve… In other words the date of payment determines the order of admissions.

The cost of attending a two-person crew is PLN 2699 (approx. 650 EUR). The price includes the cost of accommodation, meals, welcome party, sightseeing tours (admission and guides), participation in MotoClassic Wrocław (including the Commander’s Ball). The detailed programme you can find in the previous posts.


Artur Mościcki
Title: Re: 2nd International Pagoda Rally in Poland
Post by: Artur on May 08, 2018, 22:48:08
The registration procedure for participants is coming to an end soon. It will be closed May 15. We are almost full - only 3 vacancies remain.
If you do not want to miss the chance do not hesitate to apply...

The link to the application form you can find in previous post.