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Title: Great idea for a get together - What do you think?
Post by: Rolf-Dieter on December 01, 2016, 17:45:40
Our friends at the German got together again this year what they called a "Nippelday" to translate "Grease Fitting [Nipple] Day"

I was thinking what a great idea of a get together that would be for any group across North America on a Saturday.

Some of us drive a Benz as our DD and know someone at the local MB dealership. Perhaps some of us across the country  can organize a Grease Nipple Day. Bet those Mercedes Mechanics would be delighted to spend a few hours with a group of Pagoda folks like us? What do you think? Can you think of a Dealership near you where a group of say 10 to 15 Pagoda drivers get together. Perhaps it is a specalty shop in your area (does not have to be a MB Dealership).

Anyway, looks like the German fellows had a great time and they plan to do it again. If you can read German or like to see the rest of the photos (you find them on Page 7) then go to this link:-

Here ---->

Perhaps we can also arrange something similar as an item during our PUB - Virginia 2017 event. Just thinking out loud here what do you think?


Photos below have been taken by  G.Wuisman (Member of   
Title: Re: Great idea for a get together - What do you think?
Post by: 114015 on December 09, 2016, 00:38:40

Yes, Dieter, for sure. ;)
That _is_ a great idea - and by far less organizatonal workload than planning a PUB ... or Annual Event. ;D

someone has to take the hat on and get it started.
It is mandatory that someone really experienced (like Joe, Dan or commercial shop owners) is around who can provide proper & accurate advice.

So .....?


(lives very close to Hilter; Rolf-Dieter's brother's hometown)
Title: Re: Great idea for a get together - What do you think?
Post by: Benz Dr. on December 09, 2016, 03:52:59
I've had car clinics before and they were well attended. I could probably have one again next spring but there's lots of time to plan.
Title: Re: Great idea for a get together - What do you think?
Post by: Peter van Es on December 09, 2016, 08:58:56
We've organised a couple of those in the Netherlands... With some of our regular suppliers, and our merry crew of Dutch Pagodaists. Such as Van Dijk (SL specialists in Lisserbroek), with Keizer Motoren Revisie ( Don't take much to organise, but must be a local thing.

Title: Re: Great idea for a get together - What do you think?
Post by: Rolf-Dieter on December 29, 2016, 02:12:01
I get quite a few e-mails asking for something or other, this evening I got an interesting one. Along the lines of this thread I opened a few weeks ago. The Member wrote something along those lines (I will not post all what he e-mailed me only briefly address his request).

~~~~~ quote ~~~~~


I am a full member and about to retire. This will allow me more time touring Europe in my Pagoda!!

Is there a list of members by city who are able to help broken down Pagoda members (in their Pagodas!) either mechanically or assistance?

~~~~ End quote ~~~~

Here is how I responded to him, I am posting my reply here since it may help out other Members here to get something going within there area. I plan to organize a "Grease Fitting Day" in South-western Ontario sometime this year (unless another Ontario Pagoda Owner beats me to it}. :)
Thanks for your note. As you well know we are a Group of Members that love to help one another. From your note I take it that you like to get together with a group of Pagoda Members in your area.

Since you have not provided a ID (user name), I am not able to establish where you live. I like to recommend you post a thread in the forum to get something going.

First I recommend you find out who lives within your area. Here is how you would go about doing this;-

1) log into our site
2) click on the pull down menu (Members)
3) once the pull down menu opens you click on (View the Member List)
4) you now see the first page of the Member List

You can sort this list by any of the headings. I your case I suggest you click on (Location). Once you done this the entire Member List will be sorted from A to Z (note the US States start around Page 24). Anyway go to your location in the data base by paging thru the pages. Once you done this you will know how many Members are in your area and near by.

You now can do one of two things contact individuals via a PM near you and ask if they are interested in what you wish to do. Or. You can formulate a post under a new thread that includes your location stating your plan/suggestion etc.

The German Pagode Group does something similar what you have in mind, they meet this year at a dealership with a number of Pagode owners and spend the morning with the mechanics the called it "NippleDay" translated "Grease Fitting Day"

As you can see from the photos in the tread I started earlier this month folks got together with mechanics at a dealership and had a great morning get together. I can see this to be a way of accomplishing what you have in mind. All it takes is organization, so since you are retired or soon to be, this might be a project you like to head up.

So do you know a Dealership in your area or a specialty shop that overhauls Oldtimer Mercedes cars. I know several in my area. One of them is a very large Mercedes Dealership, there are several others (smaller shops), the owner(s) properly at one time or another worked for a Benz, BMW or Porsche Dealer.

I hope I've given you some idea as to how to go about it and i hope it helped.


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