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Title: How to make best use of this site... Read this first!
Post by: Peter van Es on July 20, 2013, 09:33:18
For all old hands, and new members, please have a look at the topics in this board:

About this Site (

It contains lots of little tips and hints on how to most effectively keep up with this forum, how to search for stuff (and why it sometimes appears to fail), how to post pictures, and etiquette and good manners. Spend 20 minute reading some of those posts, and you'll easily save that time within a week.

Additionally, this site contains many other gems... such as:

Did you find more hidden gems on this site? Post them here for others to find them too...

Title: Re: How to make best use of this site... Read this first!
Post by: Richard Madison on July 20, 2013, 11:23:29
Thank you Peter. We need a little reminder from time to time of all that is available here.

To add another comment or two:

Posts are most convenient when they are in the Forum that fits the content of the message.
All messages can be found by using Search no matter where they are but some users are more interested
in drive train messages, as an example, and will first go to that Forum. They may not see posts that are in the "wrong" forum.

The General Discussion Forum is for posts such as Pagoda history that do not fit in any other Forum.
If a message about the hardtop is posted in General Discussion, it will probably be moved to the more appropriate Forum.

As a convenience for viewers Subject of a post should indicate the content of the message.
This makes it easier to skip messages of no interest. A message will get a lot of viewers if the
Subject is "Important for all Pagoda Owners" but if its about what polish to use to prep for a car show,
many will be disappointed after opening the message. Moderators sometimes change a Subject to ensure
that viewers have some idea of the content.

When posting, especially in Events, nice if the Subject includes at least the year of the event and a country location
as we have members from around the world and "2013 Car show in Coney Island" may not mean much...
including the State, or "UK" or similar in the posting title will help.

Some new members sometimes use the Full Member Board for posting technical content messages.
This Board is not accessible to all members and is not intended for content related to the body, drive train, etc
which belong in other Forums.

Also, please post photos and attachments of moderate size. A large image can be posted
but viewers will have to move around the photo using a "hand" or sliders to see the entire image.
An image with the longest side of about 850 or 650 pixels can be seen in full view with good detail
(and the image will use less storage space.) Image reducing applications are available for free download...
or maybe easier, set the camera to take a smaller image.

Sorry, my 'comment or two' went beyond two    :o

Richard M, Global Moderator

Title: Re: How to make best use of this site... Read this first!
Post by: Rolf-Dieter on May 07, 2020, 16:04:47
It will soon be 7 years since Peter (one of our past Presidents) opens this thread and Richard responded adding more information about how to use our site. I thought it to be high time to give this post a bump for since 2013 many new members have joined the Pagoda SL Group.

Since joining I found several additional  hidden gems as Peter referred to them and as they truly are.

I joined around mid-2013, I found my Pagoda 280 SL here in little London town, Ontario Canada. Over the years I've made many friends having met them at PUB Events, 2013 Anniversary Event just east of Toronto Canada and Virginia, USA the German Mosel Tour, Euro Event 2018, and our last years  (PagodaFest in San Diego California USA).

A few of the hidden gems I found are here as follows;-

New Members Introduction ===>

Cees Klumper, one of our Founders of this Group and one of our first Presidents opened this thread in 2013. I find it to be one of the hidden gems for it tells stories that Members issued to tell the story how they found their Pagoda treasure along with introducing themselves to the Pagoda SL Group. The topic has 51 Pages, 1,254 to date, and has been read now over 1/2 Million times. This alone speaks for itself how popular this tread is. Check it out yourself and if you have not yet introduced yourself and told a short story why not do it now,

2) Our Events forum section ====>

This is another great section of our site that invites Members for cars and coffee or other upcoming events. Right now with the Covid-19 issue restricting our movements, this is another great area of our site. Not only do Members post here about upcoming events they also follow up with photos and comments afterward. A few months back I posted some step by step moves on how you can organize a group in the area where you live. If you follow the steps you come to a database that is sortable by the headings and if you sort it by "Location" then page thru the pages you come to the USA and States. Page to your State (or Country) and you will find other members in the area you live in. I prepared this since not everyone is that familiar with computers. That was my intention here. Check it out you might find members in your area and then can PM them to find out what they do to get together. There is nothing finer then have a coffee and chat with Members that have the same interests as you.

Check it out here ====>

3) Another Gem I find is the Pagoda Notes Issue that is issued 4 times a year for our Full Members since 2007. It contains many mechanical, electrical, and general issues about our Pagoda. If this Covid-19 situation continues for a year and then some I might just set up a database and sort it by ISSUE to complement our Site Search that is very helpful already. I have to keep busy with something before going to bed :)

Links to Pagoda Notes ===>

Pagoda Notes Details ===>

I hope some of the Gems I pointed out will help some of you out. Stay Safe